Saturday, 24 October 2015

Yes, I am talking about eggs of course.  

Around lunch time in our kitchen at work (we call it Clear Cafe), my colleague talked about food (what else would you talk about when in the kitchen).  I can't even remember what particular topic we were discussing but it just led to eggs.  And I said that when I eat eggs I have to not think about the state of the chickens that laid them.  I was asked what type of eggs I am buying.  See, I have been buying caged eggs forever.  I have not really thought about the type.  I assumed the household from my MIL and I didn't do any analysis of groceries that we buy.  It's a routine and always on the list.  My bad.

I learned then that caged eggs were laid by chickens that are cooped-up in a very cramped condition.  A small coop and there are three of them.  I am not even sure if they can move.  All they do all day, I suppose is to lay eggs when they can.  Which is really sad.  

Growing up in the Philippines and even not in a farm, we only ever had eggs from free range chickens.  That was then. Now, my Nanay buys eggs from the market and I think they are caged eggs.  

So, with everything that I have learned so far, I started buying barn-laid eggs.  I suppose, they are better than caged.  We have friends who have chooks and theirs are in a coop.  Can't have free-ranged chooks as they get to the neighbours.

I am sure there are nutritional benefits in eating non-caged eggs but my focus really is the condition of the chickens that laid them.  And I suppose when these chickens are too old to lay eggs, wait, do they get to that stage?  I don't really know but I assume they do.  And when they are, they get slaughtered to be one of those chicken breasts that we buy at the shops.  Sad and tragic really. 



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