Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tonight, Mcj showed me how he is teaching the Tatapilla to learn about music by using his keyboard. The Tatapilla has a little bit of inclination to music as he likes guitars and to sing but we have not enrolled him in extra-curricular activity as such due to lack of time on our part. He is learning bits and pieces from his Dad and at the same time, Dad is expanding his knowledge on music. They do this after doing his homework (while others might be on wholesale business cards at somewhere in the world). According to
It showed that musical experience can help the brain improve its ability to distinguish between rapidly changing sounds, a key skill in understanding and using language.
Indeed! Music can be an outlet for younger people to express their excess energy, their creativity and enthusiasm rather than playing video games all the time. The love of music can be a source of livelihood for those who are dedicated - doing something you love and at the same time earning a living from it.
You Are Sophisticated and Well Mannered
You're the type of person who can sit all day entertaining guests with witty banter.
You believe in presenting yourself in the best light possible. You like to be seen as classy.

You give a first impression of being upper class and even a bit snooty. And you're the first to admit you're a little guilty of that.
You are an armchair critic. You can detect quality easily, and you want the best things you can find.
Just because I like antique and Queen Anne chair. Well, there's a bit of truth to this, I do like quality and I can spot quality. Oh, talking of the chair that I like.. I am not really sure if Queen Anne chairs are comfy. Maybe, you can have them made as to your specifications and design a comfortable one. Talking of comfort, having stairway lifts sure is a comfort and at the same time a very good investment. Mcj has been planning to build a ramp for my father-in-law's easy access outdoors. There's only one level but with a couple of steps to get inside the house. A stairway lifts is not needed in this case. But anything to aid those who need easy access is worth to spend money on.
I used to be an adventurous when it comes to travelling. I don’t really have planned itinerary. Just go with the flow. Catch public transport. Walk. Run. It was fun. Then I learned how to drive and own a car. Now, one of the most important things to plan is transportation wherever we go. And then, came along a lovely little boy. Everything revolves around him (I certainly hope, not for long). How do we get from A to B? How is he going to cope in that? Will it be safe? Will it be comfortable? From flights to car rental. From coffee to main meal. But really, after having comfortable and accessible transportation for almost 8 years.. you get used to it. It has become a part of your life. In out up coming trip, transportation will be a challenge but we’ve been there twice, we’ll manage. We will not be in a car all the time. We will be on a plane twice and that’s not return yet. We will be on a bus, on a jeepney, one a trike. But these are experiences that we are looking forward to. We’ve made our itinerary as lax as we are allowed. No harrying and hurrying. We will savour, enjoy and have fun all the way. If possible, renting a car would be an option. But because my family live in a remote area, I am scared for the car itself. I am not so familiar with the parts but I reckon, a car won’t last long where my family is. So for now, it’s a thought.


Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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