Thursday, 28 April 2011

If somebody ask me if I have eaten seaweed, I'll say no.. not this type anyway as I haven't tried sushi in my entire life. I have eaten fresh seaweed though, or I have tried when I was in the Philippines.

Seaweed is known to be rich in iodine. Although there are pros and cons (and so tv mounts), when eaten in moderation will benefit the body.

Using seaweed

* Sheets of seaweed can be shredded and added to salads or rolled up to make sushi. In powder form, it can be added to juices and smoothies or sprinkled over meals.

There were lavenders and other scents for sale at the market that we went to last Good Friday. We just stopped at the lavenders and Mcj had been suggesting things for me to buy like little pillows, hanging things, etc. All to calm a person and help sleep. I told him, I don't need help to sleep. Yes, I always sleep soundly except when I am excited or when I am angry at him before going to sleep - lol.

There are many ways on how to unwind the mind to de-clutter and de-stress. suggest many things and reading is one of them. That is my form of de-stressing. I'm not the sort to indulge myself with having a long soak in the bath as I find it tedious and waste of time - a good long shower is just as good. Going online and reading blogs as well as youthology review, do good for me too.

There are many ways on how to channel ones stress level - you just have to know and norture it.


Because of gluten free diet cooking that we have at home, we can seldom have a real spaghetti. I have never seen a gluten free spaghetti and I rekon, I wont as gluten free pasta breaks easily. It seems making acne home remedies is easier to do than look for this type of spaghetti. Anyway, two days ago we had real spaghetti and it was a hit again. I didn't put as much veggies as I usually do but it still tasted good. No ready made sauce either, just tomato paste and some sliced/diced tomatoes.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Jesus is alive and it's time to rejoice. Why now contact Augusta flower delivery if you're in the US and send some flowers like these to your friends and loved ones?

Or if you have flowers growing in the garden pick some and put it on the table to perk someone's day at home. Flowers always make someone's day.
Facial steaming: an unbeatable trick.

You will need a large cooking bowl into which you can pour approximately six to eight cups of boiled water. You’ll also need two towels: one to place over your head to trap the steam and the other to layer under the bowl to protect the table from heat.

Add two drops of essential oil, or roughly one handful of fresh herbs or one tablespoon of dried herbs.

Give the water a stir and allow it to sit for approximately five minutes before proceding to steam your skin.

Be very careful, as steam can burn skin quickly. It’s always better to have the water too cool, rather than too hot: after all, you can always top it up with hotter water.

The temperature needs to be warm enough to make your skin perspire but not so hot that it’s hard to inhale or hurts your skin.

Steam your skin until it feels good and wet with perspiration, by which time the water should be cooling and no longer producing steam. Once there’s no more steam, it’s all over.

Don’t steam your face if you have visible capillaries, skin irritations or skin conditions such as rosascea. Remember to consult your doctor first.

Herbs from the garden or the pantry can also be used in a facial steam bath. Fresh lavender flowers are beautiful, so are rose petals, mint leaves, sage, fennel and lemon grass. Simply toss a handful into freshly-boiled water and allow to steep for five minutes before testing the temperature and steaming your skin.

One herb reputed to do wonders is liquorice root. You can buy this from health stores for between $5 and $10 for 50g. It comes as a woody stick. Place it into freshly boiled water, cover and allow to sit for 10 minutes, then test to see if it’s cool enough to steam your skin.

As they say, this is the old age secret to clear skin. And so far the cheapest way to achieve it and less hassle yet one has to be careful. So, if you're on for a Mega Meeting web video conferencing and want to appear blemish-free, this might worth a try but I suppose it has to be done regularly.

.. i know, I know. Lol. but i reckon, just this once people can indulge. I haven't. I'm sure, some give the same reason on Christmas.

I'd still say, too much of something is bad but if eaten in moderation is good. Chocolate doesn't have to evil as long as eaten once in a while. It has become comfort food for some so I'd advice if feeling down, try shopping for interior plantation shutters, it might perk you up just selecting styles, textures and colours.


Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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