Tuesday, 12 January 2010


How can you ensure that everyone in the family is eating a balanced diet? I’m not so overly concern about it actually. My only gauge is if we don’t get sick.

I’m not so strict when it comes to sweets. We have ice cream, lollies and sweet biscuits at home. The rule is, eat your veggies and you will get treats. That’s not as hard for my little boy as he loves sweets. He always looks forward to munching time.

I bought apples last year that I don’t like. Sour. I gave some to the possums last week and planned to throw the other two last night but Jens said he wants some apple so I ended up giving only one to the possums. And Jens munched on it until before bed time. Everyone was amazed at how good he is at eating the whole fruit.

Another fruit he likes eating whole is pear. It would be really exciting if it still in a branch where he can hang on to.

Even if Jens loves his ice cream and lollies I don’t worry about obesity or engaging a mesothelioma lawyer in the future as he balanced is intakes of nasty radicals with anti-oxidants. He’s already half won the battle, I suppose.


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