Friday, 29 January 2010

We went to the flea market last Sunday without any plans on what to buy. Actually, we didn't have much money with us - just enough to buy munchies (nothing more for stuff like circuit city). How silly was that when you are at a place where fresh produce are cheap. At least, the good thing is, I was also able to buy green mango for a buck. The stall owner was I think a Filipina and she said it is crunchy, true enough.

So, I openned a bottle of shrimp paste that I bought almost 2 months ago. Yum! It's been more than 2 years since I had some in the Philippines. Bulong sa hidlaw gid.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Summer means abundance of stone fruit - one of them is lychee. My little boy is really keen on them. We buy them every week. He eats them like meat. They're sweet that's why.

But I wonder what's in lychee?
Scientists and nutritionists acknowledged the fruit as a healthy food, with high levels of vitamin C and flavanoids rich in antioxident properties, though not until recent medical studies was the full potential of lychee recognized by the medical community.

A study done at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou, China revealed some of the curative effects of lychee. The flavonoids found in lychee fruit pulp were found to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and appeared to be especially effective against human breast cancer.

There aren't many sources in the internet for the lychee nutritional benefits (unlike motorhome towing) but reading that Chinese recognise it, makes me happy as we all know that Chinese lead healthy lifestyles.

Monday, 18 January 2010

As some of us if not most thinks that scrubbing thorougly - or cleaning to the max helps to have a healthy skin but study shows that too much scrubbing in the shower or bath washes the necessary oil required by the skin to regenerate. When washing, do it gently and in circular motion, this way it will help the blood to flow in the skin.

Plus, drink plenty of water or simply don't let it dry. So eat juicy fruit and a balanced diet.

So avoid too much exposure to dry air (I'm not referring to 4396508 of the fridge). Lol. And moisturise, moisturise and moisturise.


Thursday, 14 January 2010

This one is really iteresting. Witchetty grub is a creepy-crawly that you get on the ground - homing on the roots of a dead tree (as far as I know). It's a food in the outback Australia. But you can get it from your local supermarket - although I haven't seen any in our shops here. It is sought for being high in protein ( not reallyglucosamine sulphate)

Back in the Philippines, I saw people eating them raw also. But I think what we have there was the queen of the termite colony.

This photo is taken from the Australian Museum.

You Are a Tuna Fish Sandwich

Some people just don't have a taste for you. You are highly unusual.

And admit it, you've developed some pretty weird habits over the years.

You may seem a bit unsavory from a distance, but anyone who gives you a chance is hooked!Your best friend: The Club Sandwich.Your mortal enemy: The Turkey Sandwich

I'm not really a bread eater unless it's garlic bread. But I do love sandwiches from time to time and tuna is one of them. I like to make my own. Oh, I don't really like turkey may it be in sandwiches or on a proper meal.

If you're trying to loose weight, certainly you don't need turkey, do you? I suggest do you research and read maybe a bit of the relacore review. It might like you or likewise.
it's hot in here but it might be cold there. And cold is very common on winter. Got one? Brew a nice cup of tea or cuppa. Better yet, a warm lemon-juice - I used to do this when I don't feel good (no I wasn't trying different type of weight loss products).

Studies show that drinking warm beverage is better than room temperature drink when you have a cold.

Well, even my boss' mum said, I nice hot cuppa will surely cool you down.
Wonder why Mediterranean people are happy? Well, some of that are attributed to their food. Olives, fresh seafood, hummus. These food contains beneficial fat (brain food), B Vitamins (anti-stress) and anti-oxidants.

And of course, partly is the weather. That's another story though.

Well, to be happy.. eat the happy food, go out in the sun and have some laugh. I'm sure best wrinkle cream is a thing of the past.
I'm not bothered but just wondering where does my toddler put the food that he eats. I asked him that and he said, in my breakfast tummy. Lol.

Tonight, he had pumpkin, rissoto (ate carrots the most), corn and ice cream. And I only had my dinner. We put him in the toilet and he had a go (Mcj had to bribe him for a treat for him to go there). Instead of giving him another ice cream, I gave him a snack bar - which he really liked. He ate it all and a cup of milk. Where did they all go? I can't even eat the whole snack bar in one setting, let alone with milk.

He's chubby but not overweight. I want him to be that so he has buffer incase he gets sick. Plus, I noticed these days that he is loosing weight or maybe he's getting taller.

For now, I'm just happy that he eats just about anything. I would be worried if one day he'll stop eating unless he is on colon cleansing program. Lol.

While it is blazingly hot here in my part of the world, it is freezing cold somewhere. While stone fruit is abundant here, some are craving for them.

As an alternative, try the frozen berries at the shop. Better yet, try freeze dried fruit. Berries mostly contain water so freeze drying them, concentrates the nutrients in them. Studies show that a couple of teaspoon of freeze-dried berries is equivalent to a cup of fresh berries.

Berries are known for their cancer-fighting nutrients and could be a acne treatment as well.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The family meetup went good. There was some worry a few hours before as the guest of honour hasn’t arrived yet. There were expected to stay in one of our rellies the night before but they decided to stay in Gold Coast instead.

Anyway, it was fun. Good people, good food, good company. What else could you ask for to have a good gathering?

Jens and I joined in the fun at the pool with the girls. Jens and his ball fetish couldn’t resist the lure of ball gun and beach balls – they’re like gold coins to him. Also, it was a perfect time for us to try on his swimming skills. So far, so good. He knows how to kick his legs and paddle his hands. He can actually swim with the aid of his floaties although he rolls like a round ball as he can’t hold his weight yet.

We went home elated and full. It was worth the drive and all.


How can you ensure that everyone in the family is eating a balanced diet? I’m not so overly concern about it actually. My only gauge is if we don’t get sick.

I’m not so strict when it comes to sweets. We have ice cream, lollies and sweet biscuits at home. The rule is, eat your veggies and you will get treats. That’s not as hard for my little boy as he loves sweets. He always looks forward to munching time.

I bought apples last year that I don’t like. Sour. I gave some to the possums last week and planned to throw the other two last night but Jens said he wants some apple so I ended up giving only one to the possums. And Jens munched on it until before bed time. Everyone was amazed at how good he is at eating the whole fruit.

Another fruit he likes eating whole is pear. It would be really exciting if it still in a branch where he can hang on to.

Even if Jens loves his ice cream and lollies I don’t worry about obesity or engaging a mesothelioma lawyer in the future as he balanced is intakes of nasty radicals with anti-oxidants. He’s already half won the battle, I suppose.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Less or –ish?

As I mature, I’m leaning on the first.

I’m the first person to say that I am selfish and the next is my husband. I’m not proud of it but I am not ashamed of it either. I just thought, with what I’ve been through and what I’ve done (no, I haven’t invented anything), I deserve a bit of luxury (such as a vacation in places like Outer Banks vacation rentals - lols).

But that gradually changed. Now that I am married and have a child, I feel complete and contented that I don’t want anything more than what I have now. I’m happy.

I was and a bit am selfish but not in a greedy way. It’s hard to explain but I wasn’t a villain when I was selfish. But I’m happy that I have realised these things while I still have more time to change and rectify the damage (not that I am aware of) I have caused.

You Are 35% Selfish

In general, you are a very giving person who treats others very well.

But at times, you insist on getting your way - when it matters most to you.

Mcj’s Aunt and Cousins from America are in town and the family is getting together this weekend. We are tasked to bring in finger foods for entree if you may call it that.

I’m not good at cooking or food preparation so we’ve decided to just buy them all. I’m thinking some corn chips, rice crackers, potato chips and dips. I have a couple of tomato dips at home so maybe I’ll just get some more dips from the fridge section at the shops.

And of course, however simple the task is for somebody who hasn’t organised a single party in her life, it’s a challenge. Thankfully, the internet is helpful as always.

It’s been raining today. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be with us or we will all be cramped inside the house and garage floor if it rains.


Monday, 4 January 2010

I have lived in Australia long enough to like pudding and tea but I don't. I'm not a pudding person much more putting custard on my pudding. But since our customer gave us some, we did have it on our Christmas Dinner Dessert.

This one is really not moist so we had ice cream with it as we can't get custard from the convenience store. But if you want to make a great one (for a meticulous person who might be suited for jobs in south jersey), this recipe sounds good.

Begin the day before you want to steam the pudding. Take your largest, roomiest mixing bowl and start by putting in the suet, sifted flour and breadcrumbs, spices and sugar. Mix these ingredients very thoroughly together, then gradually mix in all the dried fruit, mixed peel and nuts followed by the apple and the grated orange and lemon zests. Don't forget to tick everything off so as not to leave anything out.

Now in a smaller basin measure out the rum, barley wine and stout, then add the eggs and beat these thoroughly together. Next pour this over all the other ingredients, and begin to mix very thoroughly. It's now traditional to gather all the family round, especially the children, and invite everyone to have a really good stir and make a wish! The mixture should have a fairly sloppy consistency – that is, it should fall instantly from the spoon when this is tapped on the side of the bowl. If you think it needs a bit more liquid add a spot more stout. Cover the bowl and leave overnight.

I'm not sceptical about scientist telling us that they found fossils of this and that which exist a million years ago. I mean, how can they be certain? Anyway, I'm just the typical I-dont-really-care gal. I treat it like politics.

But when I saw some fossils and bones and remnants, I can't stop to be amazed - really. They're ginormous. No - they're bigger than that. One needs more than life insurance quote just to be in the same 50 mile radius as them.

I know that sweets fuelled the energy of the kids and even the adults yet they are low GI so you get the boost only for a few minutes then tantrum came as the preservatives are triggering some stimulants in the youngs brain.

My Big Guy is very active with or without sweets but I really noticed that he's extra vicious when after eating something really nasty.

But I also notice his stamina. He doesn't get tired as long as there's something interesting to do or watch. He climbed all the way to the top with little help from us as you can never be too careful with him (he's just like some loose diamonds, too precious to us).

A decade had passed so quickly, I can barely remember what happened to me in the span of 10 years.

Got engaged, got married, left work in the Philippines, swallowed a stork and nine months later got a beautiful boy and work again - this time in the land down under.

We ended the decade by going on a family trip - our second since The Tatapilla was born. It was a much anticipated trip and although, I expected it to be exhausting, it turned out to be half of it. We had a great time. The weather didn't cooperate with us but we had a ball at museums and staying at the hotel watching documentaries and The Wiggles (and a little retail therapy where they use barcode scanners).

The Little Boy was just so grown-up that whinging was kept to a minimum. I know that he might not remember anything that we did after a couple of weeks or even now but I took heaps of photos to remind him and this is one of them.

Got back from New South Wales Holiday. Tired but happy and rejuvenated.

Unpacked but didn’t finish. Washed but didn’t dry. It rained on Sunday.



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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