Monday, 16 March 2009

It was in the news that 56K jobs were lost last year – mostly full time. Jobs advertisement online has also reduced. It’s just sad for those who lost their job in this time. So to those who are still employed, work hard and stay afloat.

Related article how Aussies are trying to save jobs:

Companies and unions are negotiating for staff to rotate through shorter working weeks in a bid to save money without cutting jobs completely.

Holden and Channel 10 are among the companies trying to make the switch. Holden cut 10 days from staff's rosters for next month but are looking at slashing more.

Other workers do not have the option yet. It is being reported today that the National Australia Bank will announce next week plans to axe hundreds of jobs, while Bank of Queensland said last night that up to 150 jobs could be set for the chop.

Thousands of other jobs have already been lost and more bad news is expected as the economy heads towards recession. The most high-profile job cuts so far have come from Pacific Brands, where those staff who still have a job are urging customers to ignore calls for a boycott of the company's products because it could lead to more cuts.


I think most of the jobs these days are in danger except maybe of those that are in demand and hot like immigration lawyers, bankers, etc.



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