Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Australian Government had been giving out energy effecient light bulbs - those white globe ones. They are phasing out those yellowish that experts say are emmitting more green house gas. This move is just part of being an environment-friendly Australia.

The light bulbs were given out through the news agent and Australia Post. We haven't claimed any though.

Anyway, last week I saw in the telly program that these energy effecient light bulbs are emitting out UV rays and people with lopus are getting sick even just staying indoors particularly in a house where these light bulbs are fitted. How allarming is that? Sometimes, the side-effects are just being ignored because of the greatest desire to achieve the end result - greener Australia. The problem of people with lopus now is the old lightbulbs will be phased out. Should they be bulk buying them while they are still available?


idealpinkrose said...

ooppsss...sabi nga nothing is perfect. it's better to wait the good result first before getting one. mahirap na..hehe...

btw sis, thanks for visiting my food blog.

happy hearts day!

Ross Taylor said...

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