Tuesday, 16 December 2008

While the northern part of the world is bracing the cold weather, here in Down Under we are basking in the sun - hopefully with sunscreen and hat or just being sun smart.

Summer in Down Under does not only means sun, beach, longer days, flowers, etc.. it also means aplenty supply of stone fruit. Last week, we were in shopping frenzy of them. We bought heaps, as if they're going to run out and as if there a dozen of mouths to feed at home. Not!

Now, some are over-ripe and some starts to rot. I don't want them to end up in the mouth of the wilds so we better hurry up eating them or put them in the fridge. Humm, seems we are in Lipovox diet.



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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