Saturday, 22 November 2008

A month ago, I tried to make a leche flan following the recipe that I got off the net. I follow it up to the measurement proportion. It turned out yummy-looking and it was yummy, except that the sweetness is out of proportion

If you are not really a sweet-tooth like me, I suggest to use a dozen of eggs for a 375 can of condense milk. I just use half of the can with 5 eggs and it was oh so sweet.

And since then, I haven’t made any again. I popped what’s left of the milk in the freezer. I learned that I can keep it there for a maximum of 6 months.

I’m not that picky but there is this type of apples that I love eating, the royal gala. The skin is soft enough to eat and the taste is just balance – not too sweet and not too sour.

When Mcj did a quick trip to the shop, I asked him to buy some apples and he picked up red delicious. Though the name says it, they don’t taste close to it.

Anyway, they’ve been sitting on the bowl for quite sometime and last Sunday, I thought of concocting something that has apple. I quickly dash to the net but I haven’t found any. It frustrates me.

So, I just settled for a stewed apple in the microwave. Jens loves them with his cereal anyway. A bit of sugar in three big apples for 15 minutes – perfect fruit for breakfast cereal or for pudding dessert.

I now realise that cooking is very therapeutic and full-“filling”. The same high you get when you’re conversion rate optimization plan works.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Quick fix. That’s what I need in the morning. I’m always stalling to get up that most of the time, I’m running late. I need everything instant – coffee (no time for espresso machines), breakfast, lunches, shower, even dressing up.

Today, is a tad different because Jens didn’t go to “school” so I only have myself to get ready. Though, I still made him his breakfast – little soldiers (toast) – and changed him from his jammies.
I’m not really fussy with my skincare products but when I feel one brand is giving me my money’s worth, expect me to stick to it.

I use a meagre amount of moisturiser for my face and I only apply it once a day, even if the packet says, it can be use at night as well – I don’t like my face to feel heavy at night. A small pump bottle of moisturiser will last me more than 6 months. I think, longer than that - too long that when I needed a new one, that variant was already phased out in the market. I was talking of Neutrogena. Since, I couldn’t find it in shops, I tried Garnier. I’ve been using it for like a month, and I’m getting zits here and there. Though, it is for oily skin and supposedly should control the oil, my skin tend to be shinier that I have to use face powder or worse, an acne treatment soon.

Yesterday, I decided to try another variant of Neutrogena and use it today. Well, let’s see if it suits my type of skin. Really, if I could only find the variant that I used on my face, I might buy two of them. :)
It was in the news recently that the tax system will be simplified so an individual doesn’t have to employ the accountant’s service in order to file for the personal tax return. Accountants occupy a big chunk of the work force here in Down Under. Everyone needs an accountant. But with the planned tax scheme, accountants might not be needed at all. Well, this tax plan is not designed for the accountants to loose their job. It is said to help many Aussies who could have filed their tax return themselves without hassles. Besides accountants hold a very lucrative profession. They could fit to any jobs in business. No scare for them to be out of job.
I’ve mentioned many times maybe that Mcj drink a lot of coffee everyday. It’s his water except on a hot summer’s day.

Recently, he decided that he could have cola also. It’s not that this change will have a positive effect on his body but because it is getting warmer, a cold cola will quench his thirst which is a sham because it actually does not do that. You become thirstier. We’ve also tried fizzy lemonade. And worst is, I do my share of drinking a couple of can in a worse day. Cola is not really part of my diet and because it sits on fridge, it is so tempting. And what does it give me? Big fat belly. Yeah, I am not fat, but I have flabby abs. It’s the usual effect whey I drink cola continuously. I should stop and try green tea fat burner but don’t you feel like drinking cola when you are eating fatty or greasy food or salty chips? I might just need more exercise, what do you reckon?
It was so humid and sticky hot last Sunday. Mcj was busy fixing the aircondition in the room while Jens and I were bonding in the lounge. He went to sleep for almost two hours in the afternoon so I had some ME time. I read a book.

I finished cooking dinner by 5PM and decided to hang out with Mcj while he was doing his thingie. We were told that there is a storm coming but I just brushed it off, not really expecting a big one. Then Mcj all of a sudden, won’t let us come out in the backyard. He said, the cloud is greenish and hail most probably is coming. Not long after, rain with gusty wind started. Then the power went off.

It was a very big storm. We ate dinner with only a torch giving us light and what’s left of the daylight. It was sort of fun, albeit the condition outside. The power was not restored until the next morning so we went to sleep early.

When the eye of the storm passed, Mcj inspected around the property and found some louvers broken, rooves blown away, etc. That and the bamboo blinds in the patio were swept away.

I am thankful that nothing bad happened to us. Some areas of Queensland were severely affected, it’s just horrifying.

Jens is staying home until the day care’s facility is restored, which was damaged when the tree fell down on one of the electricity posts.

Queensland was declared a calamity zone. And it just happened overnight – even shorter than that.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I have these piles of Jens’ old and winter clothes and some winter bed sheets in one corner that need stashing away as they won’t fit in the cupboard. We are running out of space and these stuff were bought just this winter. It is spring now and we don’t need them anymore this year. I’ve started sorting our stuff more than two weeks ago.

Finally, last weekend, I was able to find the strength or should I say the will to box them. Problem was, I haven’t shopped for the boxes yet. I asked Mcj if he could take me to the closest shop so I can pick-up a couple of boxes which I annoyed him because he wanted to shop around and get the best quality stuff in good price. Well, my aim was just to finish the task once and for all. In compromise, I shopped in the catalogue. Target has sale on boxes but we didn’t go there.

We head to Bunnings instead. That’s where Mcj bought Jens’ toys box and he said, we can get boxes of any size there. True enough. We picked-up 2 100liters boxes. They were priced more than 80% from Target but they are of good quality.

Jens went to sleep when we got home so I had time to sort things out and found out that one of the boxes hasn’t got wheels. Geez! We picked up the two stacks not realising that the other hasn’t got wheels. Another job for Mcj, going back to Bunnings to swap it.

The two boxes fixed me up. I have so much room. I have stashed away everything. It’s like I’m packed for las vegas hotels.

Monday, 10 November 2008

The old cliché, Practice makes perfect, never lost is lustre. And I suppose I should apply that in acquiring a real good driving skill. But I have not. I haven’t been behind the wheel for almost two weeks now. I don’t even try to run around the property with our huge car let alone in the streets. I just depend on my paid lessons. I got another one this Saturday.

I reckon, the cause of the problem is, I don’t have my own car yet. I don’t necessarily need a car for myself but because our car is way bigger for my build, I can’t just hop behind the wheel anytime and run around the block.

But with the financial crises that the world is facing now, we are not considering of buying any car soon, yet. We need to save for the rainy days, as they say. Even if I am thinking of buying just a pre-loved car, there is still the cost of auto insurance and rego to take into account.

I guess, I just have to make do with my paid lessons and of driving from the gate to the garage from time to time, until this financial meltdown is over and we are able to splurge a big chunk of our savings on a car.


Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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