Thursday, 30 October 2008

Jens and I sang some song before his bedtime last night. We started on the Alphabet Song and followed by The Wheels on the Bus (not really sure that’s the title of the song). I was surprised when he stood up on the bed and bent his knees making up and down motions. And I was still in the “The wheels on the bus go round and round” line. But I knew that he is making the action for “the people in the bus go up and down, up and down”.

Oh, I just love my Bubby boy! I have received comments that he is very clever in mimicking actions. He really made his Mummy proud.

On another note, I always see babies with fat rolls but my Jens hasn’t got any. But of course, that doesn’t mean that he is not healthy. He is actually very healthy in our eyes as he has muscles on his arms and thighs. And I know the reason of the absence of fat rolls, he is a breastfed baby, that is. Yet, he has a big fat belly (we’ve been calling that since he was a baby). He has a rubbish guts – stuffed his face until he is full and then store them inside his cheeks. Then when he sees something more interesting or something that he knew is sweet, he’ll chuck-up what’s inside his cheeks.

In short, he just loves food. I realised now, his day is made up of 50% eating, 15% sleeping and 35% playing. I just hope he won’t take this habit until his teenage life or yellow bullets would come into the picture. :)



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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