Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Tatapilla’s mind is like a computer memory. It is programmed. When his Dad put him in the car in the afternoon to pick me up, he doesn’t whine. But when I am there, right when we open the door he starts making rowdy noises. Just for a bickie. Yes, his mind and belly is programmed that he will have bickie when I get in the car. Just in the afternoon. It doesn’t happen in any time of the day. It just took a couple of days of me giving him something to eat when I get in the car for him to remember that yes, Mummy has something for me in the afternoon.

Well, babies remember routines very easily anyway. And they love routine. It makes them feel secure.

And yeah, he knows where the bickies in the car are. His hands and eyes sometimes stray in the secret location.



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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