Saturday, 26 April 2008

This is the first fruit that my son tasted when he was two weeks shy from 4 months. He loved it. That was when I realized he's going to love to eat anything as he is now.

Normally, abundant supply of this sweet fruit is during summer. That's when they are juicy and really sweet and red.

It is a good source of Vitamin C, carotenoid (one of the three major source of lycopene) and dietary fiber. It is fat-free. The sugar content is higher than other melons but mainly sucrose though it also has fructose and glucose.

Like rock melons, you can keep them at room temperature but once cut, needs to be refrigerated and use within 3 days.



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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