Thursday, 17 April 2008

Jens is a pumpkin baby. His vegetable always have pumpkin since he started eating them. He loves it. Aside from it being sweet, it is also easy to prepare. I bought half or quarter butternut or Queensland Blue pumpkin and Jens could not eat it in 48 hours. So I peeled it then freeze some that I can't use in the next 48 hours.

Pumpkin is very versatile. We know that it's a vegetable but we also use it on halloween.

It is also very nutritious - contains beta carotene, pro-vitamins (convert to vit A in the body), niacin, dietary fibre, vitamin C and it is fat free.

I remember, we used to call pumpkin, squash back in my parents' place.


desperate blogger said...

i love squash sauteed in coconut milk! delicious!

JoJosho said...

See Please Here

ZJ said...

Hi Sis.
Wow, may food blog ka man gali. I am going to link this to mine ha? You can find it here:

I love squash cooked with coconut milk and shrimp. This is what my mother used to serve us during the Holy Week -- no meat!


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