Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Fish and chips is a cheap and popular take-away (take-out for you in the RP) in Australia. It consist of deep-fried fish (could be cod or any fish) in batter and crumbs with deep-fried chipped (in slab-cut) potatoes. Don't get confused the chips with fries. Chips are cut bigger.

Often, it comes with lemon for the fish. I guess to take the fishy taste on it - I prefer it plain. It doesn't come with a free sauce unlike when you buy fries in other take-away stores which comes with tomato sauce. But you can dip the fish and chips on any sauce that you like, could it be gravy, mayonaise, chilli sauce, etc.


Pipan P said...

Yummy... I think I'll try making some :) Cool blog! :) tc


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