Monday, 2 July 2007

I was inspired by Jean's post here to make fruit ice box cake when I read it yesterday. I have never tried a refrigerated cake before as I am not big on graham crackers. So when I knew that I can make one by using "broas", I decided to try it for the first time.

We had a quick dash to the shop this afternoon and I bought the ingredients - broas (I use sponge finger bread), condensed milk, fruit salad, cream. And I immediately did it when we arrived home - never bother to unpack the shopping bag.

I don't know if it will turn out well though as it seems I've used too much cream and just a little condensed milk that I can taste more of the cream than the supposedly sweetness of milk. Put it in the freezer and will have some for dessert later. Anyway, whatever the taste is.. it wouldn't be that alien as it was just a mixture of simple ingredients that I'm familiar with the taste. :)

Monday, 18 June 2007

Some work-out tips from Jessica Biel that you might find handy.

Note: points 6-10 are from Jerry Owens (personal trainer of Rachel McAdams). Emphasis added.

Mix it up
"I'm a big advocate of recreational sports and stuff. If someone can get out there, even if it's a hike or something like that, just to break up the monotony of going to the gym...I really like that."

Full body exercises
"We do full body movements. You are pretty much using as many muscles at once, which in turn will jack that heart rate up."

Food choices
"really organic and clean foods, all natural, like nuts." Also, "an amino acid drink, so that you're not burning up a lot of your muscle, or protein."

Medicine ball
"Get a medicine ball and do a lunge with a twist while you are holding the ball. Those are great. You are activating so many muscles at once, and you are using those muscles over so many different plains."

"Breakfast would be whole grain bread French toast with egg whites and cinnamon. For a mid-morning snack, they'd do a mixed-berry protein shake. Lunch might be sweet potato tuna melt. An afternoon snack might be hummus with celery sticks. Dinner would be spaghetti and meatballs with spaghetti squash and meatballs made of turkey or chicken breast."

On Yoga and Pilates
"Those are great forms of exercise for stability and balance, but neither one of those is going to change your body dramatically like training with weights does."

"The biggest problem is that people are fat phobic. It's clinically proven that we need healthy fat in our diets. You need to eat a balanced diet but not be afraid of fat, like Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, olive oil and even coconut oil."

Weight loss and "toning up"
"blend nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy. The body responds better. People get too wrapped up in doing isolated movement, like being very body part specific."

On Cardio
"People get too cardio-crazy and need to do more weight lifting," says Owens. He explains that for many people on elliptical machines, "their heart Rate is about the same as if they were shopping around a mall."

Rest and recovery
"take one to two days off a week: have a massage, make sure you get plenty of rest. The muscles actually change when they're recovering."


Monday, 4 June 2007

There are lots of search engines in the world wide web and they indeed help us to look for the information that we want. May it be the meaning of words, the specific url of a website where we can gather information, and so forth. These search engines can give us back thousands of information.. some are relevant to our needs, some are not. The possibilities are endless.

But, how about a search engine specifically created to give us specific information about businesses all over the world? That’s Masterseek Business Search Engine can do. There are over 45 million company profiles in their database and viewing the profile, products, news, management and websites are free. That’s undoubtedly cool!

So, if you want to find a specific business name over the net, just visit Masterseek website and then bookmark it for easy reference on your next search.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

I write this post not to dis-credit lindt but to share my experience.

I am not really into sweets but in our last trip to the shop, there was this attractive section of lindt chocolates in discounted price. There were lots of variants but MCJ picked up the dark chocolate and showed it to me. Actually, telling me to get one for myself. I didn't hesitate and just grabbed the one that he was holding. I didn't gave it a second thought or check the other range. I adhere to the cliche, the darker the better.. so I thought it was good.

We had it for dessert at night. And oh my! It didn't taste the way I expected it to be. It was like burnt cocoa. Well, it is 70% cocoa but I reckon should not taste like it was intentionally burnt to make it dark. I had two small bites and gave the rest to MCJ. He didn't like it also, but he doesnt want to waste good money, so he ended up eating it all.

I think, he had it until last night. What's funny was, the choc was hard... ohhhh... MCJ broke his front tooth. Now he has a tooth missing infront. Waaaa! He sounds funny when he talks. He really needs new denture!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I've put on weight lately.

Not surprisingly though because I have been pigging out really! I crave for a lot of food that I usually didn't two months ago. I have been sucking on lollies almost all day. I don't really eat much but just nibbles on something every now and then. And those excess calories stayed in my body.

But the midwife in our antenatal class said that when the Big Day is drawing nigh, pregnant women tend to store fats up to 2 kilos in their body as a reserve energy during labor. Now, that's my excuse!

Actually, I am not really concern about getting fat.. my biggest concern is Bubba getting bigger and bigger that I may not be able to deliver him normally. I don't like the idea of CS. So, I have been cutting down my carbo intake lately (I think, I've said this many times) but sometimes the temptation is too strong that I can't resist.

And being round and chubby, I am MCJ's laughing stock sometimes. :D

One morning, he saw the fat layers in my back and said, "You're turning into an elephant, Sweetheart!" Funny thing is, I am always singing the tube commercial of Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin's daughter). The lyrics goes like this: "I am an elephant...." . MCJ would sometimes said after hearing me singing that, "Yes, you are.. you just lack trunk." Hahaha!

One afternoon, I summoned him to the kitchen to plug the oven to the socket as I can't reach it. I'm about to cook chips. Before doing what I said, he mock me saying "You won't fit even to the garage door of the hospital at the rate you're eating." Can you take that?

I just shrug my shoulders to these mockery! I just love eating! :D They didn't worry me the least.

(I just had my lunch but I am thinking of fixing up something soon. - Hehehe)
Are you a stay-at-home wife who spent countless hours of time everyday infront of the computer, fiddling the mouse, reading, just plain surfing or blogging? I am one of you! And I aspire to earn while blogging. It was long before that I wanted to. You know, I want to be productive and earn money of my own.

True I subscribe to those websites where you post ads on your blogs and you get credits for the clicks that your blog visitors did to those ads but I haven't received a dime yet or get credit to my paypal account.

And then about half a moth ago, I stumble into one of the blogs and found out about Bloggerwave. At first, I register one of my four blogs and it was approved. I tried to register the other three and Bloggerwave did the same. Then, I started posting and after two weeks, I get paid. So far, Bloggerwave payment was the highest that I received eversince for blogging.

If you are constantly updating your blog and wants to earn money while writing, try Bloggerwave. You won't be disappointed! You'll effort will be well paid-off.

Friday, 25 May 2007

When you're pregnant you try, as much as possible, to eat nutritious food plus taking all the supplements that you discover from your research, suggested by friends and family and your doctor's advice. And those information feeding goes on and on as you get bigger, rounder and heavier. Sometimes, you wonder what's really good for you!

In my early stage of pregnancy there was these days that I took almost 10 pills a day. I don't have phobia with medications nor the kind that can't take capsules or humongous tablets but the thought that I only have little, if not vague ideas on how these pills affect my system scared me. Those pills were not just prescribed by one person so there was this possibility that my body will react adversely when the medications took effect altogether. Goodness, they didn't and I came out of that phase unscathed. Now, I am only taking this pill twice a day and probably until I wean our baby. It is for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And when I thought, I am in a limited-medication-intake-phase, in last night's antenatal class, the midwife mentioned the help of taking raspberry tea leaf in slow labor as it enables uterine contraction. I gather that it is of great help especially if the baby is overdue. The downside is you'll just have more braxton hicks while you're taking the tea or capsule.

I only heard of raspberry juice in detox diet so I did my own research and found out more useful and encouraging information about the raspberry tea.

The help of raspberry leaf tea goes way back thousand of years ago in the western countries. It was taken by women to support healthy menstruation, tone and strengthen the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth. The tonic and relaxing action of the leaves reduces the pain of uterine contractions and makes them more effective and productive, thereby easing and shortening the duration of childbirth. These are only some of the benefits during pregnancy not to mention the aid it brings to breastfeeding mothers. It promotes plentiful supply of breastmilk.

Learning all that, I am now thinking and weighing things if I will have raspberry leaf tea/capsule or not. Nuninuninu!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I like this woman, her face, her accent and her acting.

Actress Keira Knightly continually denies that she suffers from Anorexia. She even went so far as suing a British tabloid paper in January.

This brings to light the issue of stigma based on body size and how a "too-thin" body brings on accusations of anorexia.

Recently I was reading through the excellent Health at Every Size program - however the term every size is slightly misleading as it focuses on the overweight or obese.

There are many naturally ectomorphic people in society. One could also argue that as average body weight has increased, our perception of "normal" body weight may also have changed.


Thursday, 17 May 2007

How far would you go to be a vegan? What would make you a vegetarian apart from health reason?

I know somebody who's now a pesco-vegetarian after reading a book about animals. Isn't that great?

Although going vegan has its downside. Primarily, this lifestyle is a bit dear as you'll going to buy the unconventional protien-rich alternative source. Then, there's the other housemate that you have to consider. Some may not like to go vegan.

But, given another circumstances, I would like to try to be one. Maybe when the bun in the over is cooked? Maybe!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Looking back to my working years, most of my co-workers in the last department that I was assigned were sooo health conscious, as in the real sense of the word. Well, we owe that to our boss who herself, lost half of her weight. She was in a very rigid and strict diet regime aside from some indulgement when we went out as group sometimes. She worked out thrice a week, was taking liquid food substitute and drinking slimming tea. I had a share of some of her tea and some really worked. It did stop me from working and I have to rush to the loo.

I don't know if she had heard of this chinese slimming tea. I bet, if she had.. she'll try it though she's toned now. She has to maintain it you know.

After visiting the site and reading testimonials, I can say that it is too good to be true.

Here Are 31 Good Reasons Why You Need Okuma's Wu-Long ...

1) It's the most exciting weight-loss product in America today.

2) Proven over centuries.

3) May help reduce the fattening effects of carbs.

4) Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong!

5) Supports clear, healthy skin!

6) World's #1 bestselling slimming tea!

7) Rich, delicious taste!

8) Can be consumed as healthy iced tea!

9) Helps fight dangerous free radicals!

10) Enhances "Mind-Body" wellness.

11) May improve brain functioning.

12) Only 62 cents per fat-fighting cup!

13) Safe and effective!

14) Try Wu-Long without risking a penny.

15) Guard against future price raises by stocking up NOW.

16) There's never been a better time to invest in your health. It's truly most important.

17) Judge for yourself. You have nothing to lose!

18) 100% natural. No additives or preservatives.

19) Promotes strong healthy teeth.

20) Strengthens your immune system.

21) May burn 2.5 times more fat than green tea.

22) Literally thousands of happy customers.

23) Okuma's Wu-Long is not available in stores.

24) As seen in dozens of magazines.

25) Currently the hottest drink in Hollywood!

26) Used by famous athletes & celebrities.


28) Premium quality. The best tea available.

29) You will lose weight or it's FREE!

30) This low price is only guaranteed TODAY.

31) Now, more than ever, you need Wu-Long!

The Wu-long slimming tea is said to be the diet tea of 2007! Horray!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Weight loss is greatly affected by the way you shop. While shopping may not qualify as an aerobic activity, it can certainly help you to shed the pounds, if you follow the right formula.

What you buy largely determines what you will eat. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy diet at home, you’ll need to do some advanced planning before heading out to the supermarket.

The secret to weight loss may begin with your shopping list. You need to take some time before going to the store to assess what your nutritional needs are. For instance, a healthy diet might very well include breads and cereals, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, along with meat, fish and poultry.

However, you’ll need to decide on exactly which products to buy within each food category. It’s a good idea to go grocery shopping after you have eaten a full meal. Otherwise, your hunger could drive you to buy junk food and other unhealthy snacks.



Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Growing up, BeyoncĂ©, 23, was "kind of a chubby kid," says mom Tina Knowles. These days, the Grammy winner tries to eat mostly chicken and vegetables and avoids most carbs. Once in a while, she'll sneak in her favorite treats – fries and popcorn shrimp. To keep her curvy body bootylicious, she "runs for miles and miles" on a treadmill or outside, says Destiny's Child pal Kelly Rowland.

More celebrities secrets...

Drinking lots of fluids especially water is the most heard and used advice on keeping healthy that I know of. But reading Gwen's Stefani's health demand overwhelmed me.

Last week it was made widely public when Gwen Stefani confessed to People magazine that she has always been on a diet. Now, has gotten their hands on her tour rider (requests from the performer) list for this summer’s “The Sweet Escape” Tour. I am always very skeptical when I hear what celebrities eat and do for exercise. How honest are they really being?However, this rider proves she really is a healthy rocker chick. The list includes 30 bottles of water, and quite the assortment of organic produce, nuts, tea and soy products.

I am only familiar with few diet programs such as SBD and Atkins before. Now no more! Thanks to WeightLossDietTips.

Types of Diet Programs

There are different types of diet programs that get help you to reduce weight. Diet programs are of different kinds like the Atkins Diet Program, South Beach Diet Program, Zone Diet Program, Low carb Diet Program, Diabetic Diet Program, Cabbage Soup Diet Program, Mediterranean diet program.

Atkins Diet Program:
Atkins Diet programs starts with restricting carbohydrates and eating more protein. It then gradually reintroduces carbohydrates, although it distinguishes between "good" and "bad" carbohydrates.

South Beach Diet Program:
This nutritional program allows eating protein and pure fats but restricts processed and refined carbohydrates.The primary goal of this diet is weight loss.

Zone Diet Program:
The Zone diet Programs stresses that food is more than energy (calories); it also influences body functions, especially the hormone insulin. It attempts to stabilize insulin levels by reducing calories and eating the appropriate balance of proper sources of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. This results in overall better health.

Low Carb Diet Program:
Low Carb Diet Programs are food diet programs for weight loss and dietary health that advocate restricted carbohydrate consumption, based on research that ties carbohydrate consumption with increased blood insulin levels, and increased insulin with obesity.

Diabetic Diet Program:
Diabetic diet programs help the diabetic patients who want to lose weight. The best diabetic diet vegetables will supply you with carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. One half cup of vegetables (cooked) or one cup of raw vegetables with your meals will help you maintain control.

Cabbage Soup Diet Program:
The Cabbage Soup Diet programs claim that the more you cabbage soup you eat, the more weight you'll lose. The Cabbage soup diet's so-called fat burning soup contains negligible calories so you don't have to worry about gaining weight.

Mediterranean Diet Program:
Mediterranean diet program is a nutritional model inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, particularly Greece, Spain and Italy. The Mediterranean diet patterns include a high consumption of fruit and vegetables, olive oil and fish, bread and other cereals.

Heart disease is the leading killer of adults (both men and women) in the United States. But you can avoid a deadly heart attack with Dr. Agatston’s revolutionary aggressive prevention strategy, which has kept his patients nearly free from heart attacks and strokes. His advice, outlined in his latest book, The South Beach Heart Program, includes: embracing an active lifestyle and eating the South Beach Diet way; partnering with your doctor for advanced diagnostic testing (to detect heart disease in its early, treatable stages); and taking the right medications if necessary.
Read what the press is saying:
"The author of the 'South Beach Diet' books is urging the public and doctors to rethink treatment for heart disease—focusing more on prevention than stents."

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

April 16, 2007

Onions are in the peak of their season.

This week we celebrate onions, a kitchen staple used in more recipes than any other ingredient. Onions add extra flavor to your dish and are also a source of many health-promoting nutrients, including their unique sulfur-containing compounds, which help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. It's these sulfurous compounds that are responsible for onions' pungent smell and their eye-watering effects. So, the next time you cut onions, you can appreciate that the stronger their smell and the more your eyes tear, the more health benefits you will be gaining!

Nutritional Value
One cup of raw onions provides 21% of the daily value (DV) for chromium, 17% DV for vitamin C and 12% DV for dietary fiber and contains just 60 calories.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

The lemon flavored fish and sweet peas are a great combination of flavors that takes only 25 minutes to prepare! It also provides 101% of the daily value (DV) for selenium, 85% DV for vitamin B-12 and 85% DV for protein. Shopping list is at the bottom of this column.

View recipe


Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Green Peas are in the peak of their season.

This week we celebrate green peas, another of our favorite spring vegetables. Green peas are a great addition to your menu because in addition to their concentration of vitamins and minerals they also provide the carotenoid phytonutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are known to promote vision and eye health. Not only are green peas highly nutritious, their wonderfully sweet flavor will appeal to everyone's taste buds, making them a favorite addition to your entire family's Healthiest Way of Eating.

Nutritional Value
A quick look at the nutritional profile of green peas will show you why we include them among the World.s Healthiest Foods. They are a rich source of the energizing B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B6 and folate, which are essential for the proper metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. One cup of cooked green peas also provides 46% of the daily value (DV) for vitamin K, 38% DV for vitamin C and 36% DV for dietary fiber.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Today, The South Beach Diet™ will be officially released in paperback! With more than 8 million copies of The South Beach Diet™ already in print, this best-selling book will now be available to millions more people wanting to change the way they look, feel, and live! It was only two years ago, in April 2003, that The South Beach Diet™ was first published; however, it immediately created a stir, holding court on The New York Times best-seller list for 103 combined weeks. Now in 34 languages around the world, from Dutch to Japanese, the world has taken notice of The South Beach Diet™, and many people are living life "on the Beach."

The paperback edition comes complete with a brand-new preface from South Beach Diet™ creator and preventive cardiologist Dr. Agatston emphasizing the principles of The South Beach Diet™ lifestyle — good carbohydrates and good fats, nutrient-dense whole foods, lean sources of protein, and plenty of fiber. With Dr. Agatston's insight and extreme dedication to changing the way America eats, you will be inspired to clean out your cupboard and get on board!

Also look for the new and improved The South Beach Diet™ Good Fats, Good Carbs Guide. Updated and packed with information, the Guide includes Phase recommendations for more than 1,200 foods based on The South Beach Diet™ nutritional principles, as well as fiber and saturated fat listings, frequently asked questions, meal makeovers, and more — all the latest for those living The South Beach Diet™ lifestyle.

If you haven't experienced life "on the Beach," what are you waiting for? Get your copies of the new books today!



Life in a home with gluten-free diet, preventing Diabetes 2 and trying to be lactose-free. And a little bit fussy child. It sounds difficult and complicated but not really. It's been roughly ten years on - we have a lot of practice.

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