Saturday, 29 August 2015

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Ever tried a peanut butter ice cream?  The first time I tried it, it was in a stick and so yummy.  I thought I was hooked and I say yes.  But being not so fond of sweets, I don't crave it.

I was at the shops and thinking of something new and tried this.  Hmmmm.. didn't go down well with my Tatapilla.  I tried it myself and it's just not right.  It didn't taste like the other brand.  I think, I'll give this a ditch, thaw it out and pour it down the bin.

Friday Dinner

Studies suggest to eat fish at least twice a week to get the recommended amount of Omega 3 in your diet.  If we cant get this from your diet, supplement vitamins are recommended.  for some reason I associate Omega 3 with fish out tablets and such. Why, you would ask?

We used to buy fresh fish and make fish and chips ourselves. Well, Mcj at least makes the fish and chips.  We would just buy frozen chips as the few times we attempted to make our own, it didn't turn out alright.  

Friday, 26 September 2014

Green Tea

For almost a month or so now, I have reduced my coffee intake to two cups a day. This didn’t just reduce my caffeine intake but sugar as well - put two teaspoons of sugar to a cup of coffee. I’ve switched to green tea in the afternoon. I thought I’d have adverse withdrawal symptoms – not just drowsiness and headache but so far so good. I don’t take tea religiously but it seems that my system has embraced the lack of caffeine in the afternoon.

At first, I thought green tea smells fishy but yes, it taste better than it smells. It’s a lot different from black tea for me. It seems my palate has recognised green tea and has relate to it – we have tea plant back in the Philippines and my Mum would brew some if we have belly ache.

 I’ve read many articles about the benefits of drinking green tea. I have not really noticed something different in my body yet but maybe, it’s just working in the background. Lol. I'll take the experts and researchers word for it.


White Bread

We are a white-bread-eater household. I have attempted to convert us into whole-grain or whole-meal but I have been accused of “conspiracy” or “sabotage”, only because I don’t eat as much bread as everyone else. I gave-in ages ago and just buy white bread week in week out. I know we need to have fiber in our diet as much as we can but I compensate it in other food that we eat.
With Woolies move to reduce the price in their homebrand bread to 85c, there are mixed reactions in the news website that I read. Some are happy, some are critical and some just doesn’t care. One of the polies commented that this move will kill the independent grocers. Some said there are no beneficial nutrients in this type of bread. I reckon, if you are serious about your nutrients intake you wouldn’t be seen next to a white bread. If you can afford to be a health buff, you wouldn’t be next to this type of bread at all.

I used to buy this bread but it gets stale in two days. Sometimes, we can’t use up all of it in two days and then off it goes to the ducks or the bin. It’s false economy so I switched into a different brand. So far, I have not paid more than $4 a loaf yet and we are eating soft bread for longer.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Golden Tomatoes

.. no I am not referring to tomatoes made of gold but the price of tomatoes that are comparable to gold, in my opinion. A month ago, a kilo of tomatoes cost about 4 bucks. A week after that, it has gone up to almost nine. How ridiculous. Tomatoes are one of our staple veggies. Although, I am grumbling about the cost I have to pay for it. But last week, I decided to hit the market - it's not really a farmers market but fresh produce are being sold there. I didn't have to pay 9 bucks but just about 6 - the cheapest among all the stores. And I bought heaps so I don't need to buy some this week. Just for the cost savings on tomatoes alone, it's worth waking up early and going to the market.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Music Taste

Really? If you say so.  I can say I am conservative.  I don't embrace new music as most people do - very easy or rather not snobbish.  But I am.  I don't warm up to music until I have heard it for several times and actually sang to it, that is if I know the lyrics.  My taste borders on the music that I heard when I was growing up. 

But this style doesn't not apply to my taste on musical instrument.  I would love to try any of them and would if I can, engage in exceptional kohala exclusive soprano ukulele at guitar center. There are just things in life that I don't want to pass up.
Your Taste in Music Says You're Dynamic
Your musical tastes are energetic and rhythmic.
You are full of energy and can be quite talkative.

You are forward thinking and open minded.
You despise conservatism of any sort.

You are intense, detail oriented, and motivated.
You are an ambitious person, though your ambition is anything but conventional.

Gems, wealth, etc.

I remember last week, I didn't read any books on the train. I had a book in my bag, in fact, it is still there but I can't be bothered to read. Instead, I have been reading stuff over the net. I've been through different topics.

I read somewhere about curiosity on submarine and I got curious myself. The topic that I was reading was so technical that it was enough for me to know that submarine works because of ballast tanks. They contain water when going down and air when coming up. Hmm.

Another topic I read was about gems - mainly diamonds and oh, the most expensive jewellery which I learned the engagement ring of Duchess of Cambridge is on the top 30 costing about 38k or more. I learned about the cuts and the facets of a brilliant cut diamond which is 57 - my engagement ring has 2 brilliant cut diamond. I also read about the diamond deposits in Down Under and about the infamous pink Argyle diamond which is mined around Lake Argyle. From these gems I moved on to gold, silver, platinum, etc. I didn't notice if there was an ad in the site about how to save on hagerty silver cleaner at wwbw, though.

After reading all about those gems and minerals, I realised I might have matured as I still think good health is the most important gem or wealth a person can own. Funny, that.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Tonight, Mcj showed me how he is teaching the Tatapilla to learn about music by using his keyboard. The Tatapilla has a little bit of inclination to music as he likes guitars and to sing but we have not enrolled him in extra-curricular activity as such due to lack of time on our part. He is learning bits and pieces from his Dad and at the same time, Dad is expanding his knowledge on music. They do this after doing his homework (while others might be on wholesale business cards at somewhere in the world). According to
It showed that musical experience can help the brain improve its ability to distinguish between rapidly changing sounds, a key skill in understanding and using language.
Indeed! Music can be an outlet for younger people to express their excess energy, their creativity and enthusiasm rather than playing video games all the time. The love of music can be a source of livelihood for those who are dedicated - doing something you love and at the same time earning a living from it.

Easy and Comfy

You Are Sophisticated and Well Mannered
You're the type of person who can sit all day entertaining guests with witty banter.
You believe in presenting yourself in the best light possible. You like to be seen as classy.

You give a first impression of being upper class and even a bit snooty. And you're the first to admit you're a little guilty of that.
You are an armchair critic. You can detect quality easily, and you want the best things you can find.
Just because I like antique and Queen Anne chair. Well, there's a bit of truth to this, I do like quality and I can spot quality. Oh, talking of the chair that I like.. I am not really sure if Queen Anne chairs are comfy. Maybe, you can have them made as to your specifications and design a comfortable one. Talking of comfort, having stairway lifts sure is a comfort and at the same time a very good investment. Mcj has been planning to build a ramp for my father-in-law's easy access outdoors. There's only one level but with a couple of steps to get inside the house. A stairway lifts is not needed in this case. But anything to aid those who need easy access is worth to spend money on.


I used to be an adventurous when it comes to travelling. I don’t really have planned itinerary. Just go with the flow. Catch public transport. Walk. Run. It was fun. Then I learned how to drive and own a car. Now, one of the most important things to plan is transportation wherever we go. And then, came along a lovely little boy. Everything revolves around him (I certainly hope, not for long). How do we get from A to B? How is he going to cope in that? Will it be safe? Will it be comfortable? From flights to car rental. From coffee to main meal. But really, after having comfortable and accessible transportation for almost 8 years.. you get used to it. It has become a part of your life. In out up coming trip, transportation will be a challenge but we’ve been there twice, we’ll manage. We will not be in a car all the time. We will be on a plane twice and that’s not return yet. We will be on a bus, on a jeepney, one a trike. But these are experiences that we are looking forward to. We’ve made our itinerary as lax as we are allowed. No harrying and hurrying. We will savour, enjoy and have fun all the way. If possible, renting a car would be an option. But because my family live in a remote area, I am scared for the car itself. I am not so familiar with the parts but I reckon, a car won’t last long where my family is. So for now, it’s a thought.